Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Composing Music: Spontaneous Vs Planned

Normally I have a fully formed track on my guitar, and then I make a fully formed midi file, and then I make the final track. So that’s a very planned deliberate way of composing. But I was just thinking that probably the 2 best pieces of music I’ve made in the last couple of years were the ones where I played a few tunes on my guitar and then very quickly jumped on the computer and let the track evolve. I’ve found this makes for the most suprising and just plain fun way of making music. Because you haven’t thought about how the track should sound beforehand, so it just seems to reveal itself as you’re making it. The track I’m currently working on was planned to be acoustic guitar ambience with some synths, but it’s become a big cinematic epic with a tropical rainforest feel, which is awesome fun! All the better since I make music to escape the view out my window of the bleak scottish winter.

You can hear the track I'm talking about in the player above - it's called Sunspire.