Sunday, 21 March 2010

Battle of the Bands!

Battle of the Bands.

I just had a bit of fun with these two authentic looking fonts from a great font site - What's the best font you've ever downloaded?

Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Creation of Minimalist Metal

Last year I finished an album called The Cold South. I tried to do something original, and I have hopefully succeeded in bringing together three different music types - rock/metal, minimalism and electronica. I wrote an all out hard rock/ heavy metal album on my Ibanez, then began to program the music in Guitar Pro 5. Once the rock/metal tracks were in place, I began adding many synthesized orchestral tracks, creating dense layers on top of the already loud and powerful guitars and drums. Tracks containing simplistic piano, harp or string melodies were overlaid, creating subtlety behind the bold and loud guitar and orchestral tracks. I wanted there to be many parts underneath the main melodies adding richness to the sound, for the listener to discover on repeated listens. This began to mimic the minimalist orchestral compositions of Philip Glass, but with the added heavy rock dimension.

I allowed the sound to evolve naturally, and hadn't originally planned the inclusion of the electronic orchestra. I then used Edirol orchestra plug-in, the Drumkit From Hell, and Guitar Pros’ own electronic guitar sound to produce the album. Production took place in Sony Acid, with use of Soundforge and Classic master limiter.

I believe that I've come as close as I ever will to creating a piece of music which has a fairly unique sound, and I'm proud of the finished result.

Listen to Creation - Layers to hear how I built up the sound in segments, using many tracks, while balancing the sound so that the more subtle elements can also be heard.